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I have four dogs.  Two are old and have been with me for over a decade – two are young and have been here for several years now – all were in need of a new home when they came to live with me.  They all have different ways of being and sometimes the dynamics are a little tricky.
Deuce, the best dog in the world, while gentle with cats and kids and people is protective of me with other dogs and STRONG!  When we walk he gets so excited I struggle to hold onto the leash.  Rosanne (The Calm Companion) has been working with the two of us to help Deuce learn that he must listen to me and turn to me for direction, not follow his instincts.  He is walking better on the leash and I’m starting to feel more confident about taking him out with other dogs.  Rosanne has generously allowed me to use her collar and slip leads in the training process until I could get some of my own.  Let calmness prevail - thanks to The Calm Companion!  -Sarah M-

Rosanne was terrific with my 3 dogs in dealing with both fearful behavior from my 2 year old border collie & super bouncy puppy behavior from my 2 very large 1 year old collie/mastiff and collie/pit bull mix dogs. I was truly amazed at how quickly she could establish control with my unruly bunch. She taught me how to get them to calmly walk at my side even in distracting environments and how to get them to stay "down" by going to a "place". Most importantly she taught me how to become the alpha dog in my pack.  --Holly C

My Jack Russell/Beagle mix, Sierra, was impossible to walk. She pulled so hard on the leash, when we walked, that it made my arm hurt. Sierra would also gag herself from pulling on the leash. Now, couple that with her being ruled by her nose. You get the picture.....a pulling, zig zagging, gagging mess.

Rosanne worked with me and Sierra using a Haltie. She gave me great instruction and helped Sierra work though her anxiety issues.

Now our walks are amazing! Sierra stays by my side and travels with me in a calm state. No more pulling, zig zagging or gagging!

Thank you Calm Companion!!!
I love walking my dog now!i just can't believe the difference!

Kellie P.

We have 2 chihuahua mix female dogs, that were very stubborn! We were expecting a baby when Rosanne started working with us! Our dogs were the center of attention and ran our house for 4 years! Rosanne taught us to be the pack leader and taught them expectations! It was definitely challenging to change their behavior but we've stuck with her teachings and have seen great results!  We were worried about how they would react when we brought the baby home. She gave us suggestions for when this would take place and it made for an extremely smooth and calm transition! We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her! - Sarah W.