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Who is The Calm Companion..Rosanne Krager. My love of dogs was innately present at the early age of 3, as I was found in the garage with a neighbor puppy, sound asleep on the floor. This was only the beginning of my lifelong attraction to animals. I have always enjoyed spending my time with my animals, which have included over the years…dogs, cats, horses, burros, goats, and cows. I have always known that my real passion and joy came from being in their presence.

I have a BS in Special Education from Ohio University, as well as, a Masters of Science in Education (Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities Kindergarten-12th grade) and a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education from Ohio University. Utilizing the many behavior modification methods has helped me to better understand and change canine behaviors.

Together my husband I have owned or fostered over 20 dogs, and rescued and re-homed others. I started working with a local rescue organization, Pound Rescue of Athens, and continued my education for creating a balanced canine.

In October of 2014, I graduated from Training Cesars Way, after spending 5 days with our dog Henry and Cesar Millan. This renewed my commitment to my self, to follow my passion and find a way to begin a career with dogs. In the spring of 2015, I attended a 2-day Hands-On Training with Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training. The training participants had dogs of all temperaments and behavioral issues. In July 2015 I graduated from K9 Lifeline’s Shadow Program with Heather Beck (a top trainer with Cesar Millan), who is a star in her own right when it comes to running a successful business and training dogs of all needs. Most recently, I attended a 3 day TrainSmart Workshop in Delaware Ohio with Heather Beck (K9 Lifeline), George Cockrell (Companions Dog Training) and Scottie MacConachie (K9 Ponderosa). In March of 2016, I attended the 3D Difficult Dogs workshop at K9 Lifeline with Heather Beck and guest Jason Vasconi (Transform My Dog in Dickinson, Texas). We evaluated and designed training for dogs with many different behaviors, that were causing distress for trainers and owners. We also learned about large-field, off-leash socialization with Jason, who runs a large-field, off-leash social class every week. In May, I was extremely fortunate to meet and learn from a real class act in the dog world, Wendy Volhard. I attended the Healthy Dog Conference at K9 Ponderosa in Delaware, Ohio. As a result of this wonderful conference, I am now a distributor for this fantastic product line. Wendy has been researching and developing supplemental feeding formulas for over the past 35 years, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful company! In June, I attended and graduated from National K9 in Columbus, OH as a Certified Professional Trainer, in Basic Obedience, breed identification, puppy temperament testing, development and preschool, behavior modification, and utility. This experience allowed me to increase and use theory and development to change behavior and increase compliance through obedience. Lastly, I spent two days increasing my skillset for evaluating dog temperaments in a dog daycare setting. Heather Beck, at K9Lifeline in Utah, provided hands-on experience for introducing new dogs, creating and overseeing calm-play, and using the dog daycare environment to train other dogs. I am look forward to attending more clinics and seminars, and utilizing more knowledge to be the best trainer I can be….





The Calm Companion


The Calm Companion K9 Training welcomes Kris Kroner!!! Kris will begin training with The Calm Companion, bringing with her over 30 years of training experience. Kris has worked with a wide variety of professional organizations, non-profit rescue groups and owning a boarding, daycare and private training facility. She spent 10 years as a Licensed Guide Dog Instructor, training hundreds of service dogs, as well as a lecturing instructor at Bergen Dog Training Institute. Kris has experience handling professional show dogs, fostering and rehabilitating hundreds of rescue dogs, and successfully owning a kennel, and providing private training. Stay tuned for our classes! And you get to meet Lola!