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The Calm Companion

Do you want a dog completely in tune with you? We help create a companionship of respect and trust for a well balanced dog.


Are you in need of some assistance with specific issues or concerns, i.e. pulling on the leash, jumping/lunging, poor socialization, baby coming, moving / just moved in, adding a dog, what are you looking for in a dog for your family,... Read More

Puppy Training

Getting a puppy is such an exciting time. There is scheduling and educational experiences to get a great start. Puppies need guidance, support, and follow through, to learn appropriate behaviors. Read More

In-Home / On Location

Are you in need of assistance when your dog is pulling you down the road? Is your dog lunging at other dogs? Barking a lot, destroying toys and tearing up items in your home? Would you like your dog to stay or walk off leash? I can help! Read More

What Are Our Clients Saying?

Testimonials from Calm Companion clients

Get Help for Common Problems...

  • Pulling on Leash
  • Puppy Training
  • Chewing and Destruction
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Unsocialized Behavior
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Jumping Up
  • Annoying Barking
The Calm Companion

Training History

  • Cesars Way Fundamentals 1....Cesar Millan..Oct 2014
  • K9 Lifeline...Shadow Program...Heather Beck...One of Cesars' top trainers..July 2015
  • 2-day hands on Training Workshop with Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training...March 2015
  • TrainSmart Workshop...Heather Beck, George Cockrell-Companion Canine Training, Scottie MacConachie- K9 Ponderosa...Aug. 2015
  • Lifetime experience with dogs and multi-discipline horse training.
  • 3D Difficult Dog Workshop at K9 Lifeline with Heather Beck and Jason Vasconi...March 2016
  • Healthy Dog Conference at K9 Ponderosa with Wendy Volhard, ...May 2016
  • Professional Dog Trainer Certification at National K9 in Columbus OH -Basic and Advanced Obedience -Behavior Modification -Utility Training -Breed Characteristics and Temperament Testing -Puppy Temperament Testing -Puppy Preschool .....June-July 2016
  • Dog Day Care Workshop at K9Lifeline with Heather Beck....August 2016
  • Healthy Dog Conference in Virginia with Wendy Volhard and Sheila Hamilton-Andrews....September 2016
  • Puppy Primer with Linda Kaim of Lionheart K9- intensive weekend of everything puppy......August 2017
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I believe the foundation for a healthy and happy dog rests on sound, complete nutrition. If you believe the same, try a Volhard Dog Nutrition product - you will notice the difference. I bet my own dogs’ lives on it every day......Wendy Volhard